Manufacturing and Quality Control

With over 320,000m2 of manufacturing capability over 5 sites and 2 million units produced annually, Kehua have a significant manufacturing base.

All key components are produced in-house providing the best control over customized products and guarantees the highest quality in production.


Metalwork Fabrication In house Metalwork Fabrication
PCB Assembly PCB Assembly
Transformer Assembly Transformer Assembly
Cable Harness Assembly Cable Harness Assembly

Kehua Production System

Kehua UPS on Factory Floor

7 Sigma7 Sigma Manufacturing

Total Visual ManagementTotal Visual Management

Continuous ImprovementContinuous Improvement Process

ISOISO Management System

Total Quality ManagementTotal Quality Management

Total Preventive MaintenanceTotal Preventive Maintenance

Lean ManufacturingLean Production System

Work Safety StandardizationWork Safety Standardization